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We are offering one on one Counseling sessions to prospective students to study MBBS in India or abroad. We have a long-standing reputation in the education consultancy, shared with the students. Studying MBBS in foreign countries provides more scope of self-development as the students live an independent way of life.

We also provides career guidance and education consultancy services to Study MBBS, MS, MD, BDS, MDS, B-Tech, M-Tech, BCA, MCA, BBM, MBA, Pharmacy, LLB, Polytechnic, Nursing, Hotel Management, B.Sc.(all courses), M.Sc. (all courses) and other course for Under-graduate and Post-Graduate specialization.

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Study MBBS in Abroad


It is the dream of many students to become a doctor one day. Especially in India, where the number of MBBS aspirants is huge but there are very less number of seats. There is a big scarcity of doctors in our country. Everyone knows that the potential to earn is huge after doing MBBS in Abroad or from India. Therefore more and more candidates appear for various MBBS entrance exams each year, while some of them try 3-4 years but still do not get admission where they want. There is only 1 government doctor per 11,528 people in India. Why do we have such a bad doctor-patient ratio? The problem is the large demand for MBBS seats in India but very low supply.


Cheaper Tution Fees

Studying MBBS in abroad is way cheaper than studying in MBBS India with the fees being as low as ₹10 lakh for entire MBBS course. The college fees will be paid in yearly installments. Therefore, you don’t have to pay the entire fees at once.

No Donation

Apart from the low cost fee structure, there will be no donation for studying MBBS in abroad which is not the case for Indian medical private colleges. That is right, you will get MBBS admission without any donation.

Medium of Instruction is English

The medium communication will be English for MBBS in Bangladesh, Nepal, Armenia, Russia, Ukraine and China. Teachers/lecturers will be adept in the language so as to facilitate learning. Students need not learn the local language for classroom learning.

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MBBS in Bangladesh

mbbs in Bangladesh

To Study MBBS in Bangladesh is becoming a hot destination for students from countries like India, Nepal etc. for getting their MBBS degree. Every year, a large number of international students apply in top medical universities of Bangladesh. The cost of living and education here is quite affordable as compared to other medical colleges around the world. The average cost of the MBBS in Bangladesh varies college wise from 21 Lakh INR to 35 Lakh INR.

There is no doubt about the Excellent and High Quality of Education a student would be imparted while studying MBBS in Bangladesh. This claim is attested by fact that Indian students who do MBBS in Bangladesh have managed to get the highest passing percentage for MCI Screening Test or FMGE year after year.



  • Nearest Country from India & Nepal
  • Cheaper Transportation
  • Same syllabus as India & Nepal
  • Same Climate as India & Nepal
  • Same Food as India & Nepal
  • MCI, NMC & WHO Approved Medical colleges & Universities
  • English Medium
  • High Patient Flow

Medical College in Bangladesh

MBBS in Nepal

mbbs in nepal

To study MBBS in Nepal is a preferred location, especially for Indian students owing to a number of reasons. The quality education provided by these institutes, competitive fee structure, and less complicated documentation are among few reasons, for Indian students choosing this country for higher education. Moreover the food habits, culture and lifestyle is matched to a great deal with that of India. Unlike other countries, you do not require any Visa to study in this country.



  • Nearest Country from India
  • Cheaper Transportation
  • Same syllabus as India
  • Same Climate as India
  • Same Food as India & Nepal
  • MCI, NMC & WHO Approved Medical colleges & Universities
  • English Medium
  • No Visa & Passport Required
  • Direct Admission on the basis of NEET marks

Medical College in Nepal

  • Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences (NAIHS)
  • Institute of Medicine (IOM)
  • B.P. Koirala Institute of Health and Sciences
  • Manipal College of Medical Sciences.
  • College of Medical Sciences
  • Nepal Medical College
  • Kathmandu Medical College
  • Nepalgunj Medical College
  • Universal College of Medical Science
  • Kathmandu University, School of Medical Sciences

MBBS in Armenia


Armenia is a Eurasian Country which is officially known as – Republic of Armenia. This beautiful country was also a part of USSR which later become independent republic and build the nation to great country. It has seen some great developments in last two and half decades and especially in education and technology. Studying MBBS in Armenia has become very popular these days as this country has some great medical universities which are ranked globally.



The degree provided by Armenian university is recognized by many institutes. Like World Health Organization, European Union, The International Medical Education Directory, Medical, and Dental committee of India and General Medical Council UK. Likewise, the MBBS universities in Armenia have started preparation of USMLE and other medicinal authorizing examinations.

  • NO Donation
  • Low fees package
  • Living cost affordable
  • English Medium



  • NEET Exam Qualified
  • 50 % Marks in Intermediate

MBBS in Belarus

mbbs in belarus

More than 15,000 foreign students, including Indian students study MBBS in Belarus at medical universities in Belarus each year. Belarus MBBS Admission is easy, the country, located east of Poland and west of Russia, sets a high value on a university education and offers affordable tuition for international students as well as a variety of courses of study.

In case you choose MBBS in Belarus for your higher education, this is the right decision you will ever make in your academic career because your degree earned at any Belarus university is recognized wherever you go in the world. The degree which you will earn after study MBBS in Belarus will be your solid companion in the career-making in any country of the world with high salary and career orientation.


Advantages of studying Medicine in Belarus

  1. English medium of education throughout the period of study “MBBS in Belarus
  2. No TOEFL and IELTS required for MBBS in Belarus
  3. Internationally recognized Medical degree makes worth MBBS in Belarus.
  4. Eligibility for certificate or entrance exams like MCI, USMLE, PMDC, HPCSA, SCHS, PLAB after MBBS in Belarus
  5. MBBS in Belarus is recognized globally.
  6. The admission process for MBBS in Belarus is very easy.
  7. Affordable course fee for MBBS in Belarus.
  8. Modern hospitals are available for internship during MBBS in Belarus.
  9. Student friendly campus environment while studying MBBS in Belarus.
  10. A complete safety and security for foreign students studying MBBS in Belarus


  • Belarusian State Medical University
  • Vitebsk State Medical University
  • Gomel State Medical University
  • Grodno State Medical University


  • NEET Exam Qualified
  • 50 % Marks in Intermediate