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Campus buddy services are provided by careermarg to the assistance and support provided to students who are transitioning to college or university. These services are designed to help students settle into campus life, make new friends, and adapt to academic requirements.

Some of the typical services provided by campus buddy programs include:

Orientation sessions: Campus buddy programs usually begin with an orientation session for new students, where they are introduced to campus resources, policies, and procedures.

Peer mentoring: Campus buddy programs often assign a peer mentor to each new student, who serves as a point of contact and provides guidance and support throughout the academic year.

Social activities: Campus buddy programs organize social activities such as sports events, movie nights, and cultural outings to help students make new friends and build social connections.

Academic support: Campus buddies may also provide academic support, such as study groups, tutoring, or guidance on course selection.

Career advice: Some campus buddy programs offer career advice and guidance, including resume and interview preparation, networking opportunities, and internship placements.

Health and wellness support: Campus buddy programs may also provide health and wellness support, such as mental health counseling, fitness classes, and nutrition advice.

Overall, campus buddy programs aim to provide a comprehensive support system to help students thrive in their college or university environment.