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University shortlist for students who are planning to study abroad. Here are some of the services that CareerMarg provides for university shortlisting:

Assessment of students' academic profile:  We will assess their academic profile, including their grades, test scores, and extracurricular activities, to determine their eligibility for universities and programs.

Research and analysis of universities: We will research and analyze universities based on factors such as academic reputation, program availability, campus culture, and location to help students make informed decisions.

Customized university shortlist: Based on the assessment of the student's academic profile and university research, we will provide a customized university shortlist that matches the student's interests and goals.

Assistance with applications: We can assist with the application process, including filling out applications, writing personal statements, and gathering the necessary documentation.

Guidance on admission requirements: We can provide advice on admission requirements, such as standardized tests and language proficiency exams, to ensure that the student is prepared for the application process.

Overall, university shortlist services provided by CareerMarg can be helpful for students who are planning to study abroad, as they can save time and provide valuable guidance on the best university options for the student's individual needs and goals.