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The study in Nepal is a global vocation. With thriving competitiveness, MBBS Admission in Nepal isn't easy and you must complete formalities. There are many known institutions for those seeking higher education. English is the teaching method. The neighborhood you live in is welcoming and accepts students from abroad with a lot of respect. The climate is beautiful all year round. Numerous medical Colleges provide top-quality instruction to students who want to pursue their studies. The education system is designed to foster global standards. The duration of the program is five and a quarter years. Also, MBBS in Nepal at the lowest cost is available. The cost starts at 46 lakhs.

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One of the advantages of obtaining top-quality MBBS Colleges in Nepal is the top education system. The course is focused on making skilled and caring professionals. These universities are known for their comprehensive and well-scheduled training. The majority of institutions in Nepal are affiliated with Kathmandu University & Tribhuvan University. They have accreditation from the Nepali Medical Council. Making the right choice for the college class creates the foundation for more effective post-graduation education. In Nepal, The MBBS course can give you the necessary boost to pursue the most prestigious MBBS diploma in Nepal or even a Ph.D.

MBBS of Nepal is extremely affordable when compared to other Western Nations. It is affordable for the majority of working-class families in India who are enthralled by the thought of sending their children to study in other countries. The most appealing aspect of looking after MBBS from the colleges of Nepal is that the majority of colleges allow charges in a portion, which makes it simpler for families to pay for the tuition. The framework of portion for the payment of fees is beneficial because it allows families to pay mainly by fundraising. It does not cause financial issues within the family of the student. The students do not have to be concerned about the financial pressure typically imposed on the family, if one or more members of the family are educated abroad, particularly when the program is expensive, such as MBBS.

Colleges in Nepal may provide top-quality education to their students at a very reasonable cost. A year's worth of MBBS course costs between 8-10 lakh rupees. This is a lot less than the other Western Nations. This is a great deal compared to the overseas Nations and the private medical colleges of India.

MBBS In Nepal is a 5 and 1/2-year course that is completely English medium throughout the course. The medical education offered in Nepal is exceptional It is in line with the global standard of training.

About Nepal

Nepal is a country located between the mountains. It is a landlocked country located between India to the east. Its territory extends to about 500 miles (800 kilometers) from west to east and 90-150 miles from south to north. Kathmandu is the capital city.

Due to its long-lasting periods of deliberate and geographical limitation, Nepal is one of the least developed countries. Many nations including India, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Denmark, Germany, Canada, and Switzerland have offered financial assistance to Nepal. The level of confusion surrounding the guide for Nepal has been affected to a great extent due to India and China's current situation.

Quick Fact: MBBS in Nepal

Total Population3 Crores (Est.2021)
Total Medical Colleges20
Official LanguageNepali
CurrencyNepalese Rupee (NPR)
(1 INR = .60 NPR)
Passport & VisaA passport or Visa is not required for an Indian

Why Should You Study MBBS in Nepal?

It is usually every student's desire to be admitted to higher education in an accredited college for medical school. Today, a growing number of students are looking after MBBS in the Medical Colleges of Nepal. Nepal's medical Colleges beat out all other medical colleges in the student inclination list due to a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is the excellent education offered, the variety of techniques for learning as well as the possibility to innovate, and most importantly, the rigorous faculty as well as the ideal setting that draws Indian students to pursue MBBS in Nepal.

  • One of the major advantages of considering MBBS at a medical school in Nepal is the cost aspect. You can find that the costs for education are lower in comparison to a small portion of India's medical colleges.
  • There are many medical Colleges in Nepal recognized by MCI as well as international bodies such as WHO.
  • The language of instruction at medical Colleges in Nepal will be English. This means that Indian students shouldn't face problems enrolling in medical colleges in Nepal.
  • The quality of medical education in Nepal is top-quality and the Universities in Nepal are a great base.

Quick Information about the MBBS Program in Nepal

Recognition NMC and W.H.O accredited Colleges
Eligibility50% Marks in each subject (English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)
Course Duration4.5 + 1 Years Internship
Minimum Tuition FeeRs 46,00,000
Maximum Tuition FeeRs 75,00,000
NEET/MECYes, it's compulsory
IELTS/TOFELNot required
The Medium of InstructionEnglish

Nepal provides top-quality medical education for students. This is the reason that a large number of Indian students come to Nepal every year to pursue their goals of becoming experts. Nepal is among the nations with a reputation for providing ample opportunities for students. The education plan designed for students meets the requirements of concepts and offers informational spaces. Indian students with weak academic scores and a strong desire are generally able to think about MBBS with MBBS in Nepal. The high educational costs compared to Indian institutions have been proven to be beneficial. Nepal is well-known to Indian medical students because of its highest quality of training, top-of-the-line medical structure, and the ability to practice learning at an affordable price.

Nepal could be a good choice to pursue your MBBS goal. Achieving your degree at an affordable cost is a significant motivating factor for Indian students studying in Nepal. The complete program for MBBS is split into five + lengthy periods. Five and five and a half years is enough for acclimatizing students to school as well as the MCI screening tests.

Focusing on the most trustworthy spot on earth could aid students in becoming multi-dimensional. Nepal is a place with a huge social impact. The smallest amount of cost for basic items is equivalent to the basic lifestyle of students. The stunning views provide Nepal with an extremely uncommon. The climate is usually calm, making Indian students who are incredibly adaptable to the weather. The best academics and lifestyle is the best thing that Nepal brings to the table of students.

MBBS with MBBS in Nepal is a great choice for a lot of Indian and foreign students looking to complete their medical education. Like India, Nepal is perhaps the most loved nation for MBBS students. Because of its bilingual education and diverse ways of life, Indians are treated with reverence and love in Nepal. Nepal is among the most secure and tranquil countries and provides students with a global perspective as well as a look into daily life and well-known issues alongside studying. That's why a student should look into MBBS for a year in Nepal.

  • Many international students as well as Indian students are choosing to learn in Nepal. The natural world and the people are very friendly.
  • Numerous universities are affiliated with the WHO or National Medical Commission(NMC) / Medical Council of India (MCI) and various nation's associations approve practicing medicine wherever required. The diploma is accepted all over the world.
  • The universities and colleges have highly qualified and highly experienced staff as well as instructors.
  • Inconsistently, there are lots of Indian students in India within the international student exchange. You now know the biological basis of their education.

Benefits from MBBS in Nepal

  • Nepal has the highest-quality quality education. Also, the cost of medical training in Nepal is affordable.
  • Nepal has several medical Colleges that are funded by the government, and organizations such as MCI and WHO recognize several Medical Colleges.
  • The guidance language in Nepal's medical institutions is English which makes it easy for Indian students to attend medical colleges in Nepal.
  • Nepal has a wonderful framework and the general environment of Nepal is a delight.
  • In Nepal, the MBBS program emphasizes the practical aspects of training.
  • The average cost of essential goods in Nepal is also very low.
  • Students can select hostels or any apartment that offers top-quality faculty and secure living.
  • In a lot of colleges, almost every school and college includes an Indian confusion and, in this way, there's no problem with any Indian student regarding their use of their language.
  • The World Health Organization and MCI support this MBBS practice in Nepal.
  • A-list clinic schooling and foundation
  • The assistance centers are of the highest quality to ensure that students don't feel far from their homes.
  • Many transportation, like transports, trains, and automobiles are generally more secure.
  • The education offered at Medical Universities is of top quality, with an inconceivable massive knowledge base.
  • It is worth it to take the MBBS training in Nepal is cheaper than in many other European countries.
  • The guidance language in universities like the MBBS institutions located in Nepal has been English.
  • Students can take part in international seminars and gatherings, which allow them to gain knowledge.
  • Many locals speak English and it's ideal for understudies who come from India.
  • There is no ragging within these MBBS Universities in Nepal.
  • Indian food is available at MBBS Colleges and in hotels.
  • Separate young men and young women hostels. Some hostels even include Indian administrators.
  • Nepal is a very protected nation.



Manipal College of Medical Sciences Pokhara

National Medical College Birgunj

College of Medical Sciences Bharatpur

Universal College of Medical Sciences Bhairahawa

Nepalgunj Medical College Nepalgunj

Janaki Medical College Janakpur

Kathmandu Medical College Kathmandu

KIST Medical College Patan

Nepal Medical College Kathmandu

Chitwan Medical College Bharatpur

Nobel Medical College Biratnagar

Gandaki Medical College Pokhara

Lumbini Medical College Palpa

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Birat Medical College Biratnagar

Devdaha Medical College Lumbini

Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences

Nepal Medical Colleges Seat Metrix

Cost of studying MBBS in Nepal 2023-24

The cost of studying to study MBBS in Nepal is reasonable.  The Nepal MBBS costs in the majority of medical Colleges in Nepal are between 46 and 60 lakhs for the entire course.

MBBS in Nepal The Fee Structure for 2023-24

Fee Structure of MBBS in Nepal. Nepal colleges are as follows:

Name of collegeTotal Fee1st Year Fee
Nepalgunj Medical CollegeINR 60,00,000INR 30,00,000
College of Medical Science NepalINR 58,00,000INR 30,00,000
Manipal Pokhara College of Medical Science (MpCOMS)INR 75,00,000INR 37,50,000
Kathmandu Medical CollegeINR 54,00,000INR 27,00,000
Nobel Medical CollegeINR 56,00,000INR 28,00,000
Nepal Medical CollegeINR 52,00,000INR 26,00,000
Lumbini Medical CollegeINR 53,00,000INR 27,00,000
Birat Medical CollegeINR 53,00,000INR 27,00,000
Devdaha Medical College And Research InstituteINR 52,00,000INR 25,00,000
National Medical CollegeINR 62,50,000INR 32,00,000
Universal College Of Medical Sciences NepalINR 58,00,000INR 28,00,000
Chitwan Medical CollegeINR 52,00,000INR 26,00,000
KIST Medical CollegeINR 48,00,000INR 24,00,000
Gandaki Medical CollegeINR 50,00,000INR 25,00,000
Janaki Medical CollegeINR 46,00,000INR 23,00,000

MCI Recognized Medical Colleges in Nepal

  • B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences
  • Kathmandu University
  • Patan Academy of Health Sciences
  • Tribhuvan University

Admission process for MBBS in Nepal

There are two possible ways of admission in Nepal-

(A) Entrance Examination conducted by the Medical Education Commission (Similar to NMC in India) or 
(B) Direct admission through the NEET score of the current year.

A. Entrance Examination Conducted by MEC: 

The students who wish to study MBBS in Nepal, at Government (Public) Colleges such as: 

  • B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Science, Dharan;
  • Institute of Medical Science (IOM), Kathmandu;
  • Patan Academy of Health Science, Kathmandu;
  • Karnali Academy of Health Science, Karnali, 
  • Nepalese Army Institute of Health Science, Kathmandu 
  • Kathmandu University School of Medical Science, Kathmandu 

The Candidates need to

  1. Appear in the entrance examination conducted by MEC.
  2. All candidates should score at least 50% in the entrance examination and qualify for the merit list.
  3. The allocation of seats and colleges will be done through "MATCHING" mechanics as per the merit and priority order selected by the candidate by the Medical Education Commission (MEC).
  4. Exams are conducted only at the centers in Nepal, so students need to travel to Nepal to appear for the examination conducted by MEC. 

B. Directly through NEET Score for Indian Students

  1. Students who are looking for direct admission to any of the private medical schools can get admission based on their NEET qualifying score in India.
  2. Only the present academic year's NEET score will be considered for admission.
  3. The General Category minimum NEET score will only be considered for admission.
  4. If applicants choose to apply via the medical entrance exam rather than through direct NEET admission, preference will be given to those who have passed the entrance exam held by the MEC.

Syllabus for NEPAL MBBS Entrance Examination

  • Question type: Single best response type of multiple-choice questions         
  • Cognitive Ratio: Recall: Understanding: Application - 30:50:20 
  • Option: Four options (A, B, C, D) 
  • Number of questions: 200          
  • Full marks: 200    
  • Duration: 3 hours 

Subject: Zoology (40 Marks)

S.NoSubject titleMarks
1Biology, origin, and evolution of life4
2General characteristics and classification of protozoa to chordate8
3Plasmodium, earthworm, and frog8
4Human biology and human diseases14
5Animal tissues4
6Environmental pollution, adaptation, and animal behavior, application of zoology2

Subject: Botany (40 Marks)

7Basic component of life and biodiversity11
8Ecology and environment5
9Cell biology and genetics12
10Anatomy and physiology7
11Developmental and applied botany5

Subject: Chemistry (50 Marks)

12General and physical chemistry18
13Inorganic chemistry14
14Organic chemistry18

Subject: Physics (50 Marks)

16Heat and thermodynamics6
17Geometrical optics and physical optics6
18Current electricity and magnetism9
19Sound waves, electrostatics, and capacitors6
20Modern physics and nuclear physics6
21Solid and semiconductor devices (electronics)4
22Particle physics, source of energy, and Universe3

Subject: Mental Ability Test (MAT)- (20 Marks)

23Verbal reasoning5
24Numerical reasoning5
25Logical sequencing5
26Spatial relation / Abstract reasoning5

Grand Total


MBBS Admission Timelines in Nepal

Application form for admission into Medical colleges in Nepal is available in September / October and can be collected from the Nepal Embassy in India 

Documents Required for MBBS Application 2022-2023 

  • Recent passport-size photo
  • Passport or Aadhaar Card (same as given in the MEC application)
  • NEET Admit Card 2022
  • MECEE Admit Card, MECBL Registration Confirmation, and MEC Score Card
  • NEET Score card (if applying for direct admission based on NEET score).
  • 10th, 12th Mark sheet – attested by a notary, lawyer, or authorized signatory like the principal.
  • Character certificate as well as a transfer certificate
  • Class 12 Migration Certificate
  • Application Fee charge of INR 5000 /- payable to Medical Education Commission, Nepal.
  • Submission of a duly filled application form attached along with the documents

Note: Students should have all these original documents in their hands at MEC.

The Eligibility Criteria to Apply in Nepal for MBBS Nepal

The criteria to be eligible for MBBS to study MBBS Nepal can be found as follows:

  • Students must pass 10+2 on the use of a regular board.
  • 50 percent marks in each subject English, physics, biology, and chemistry.
  • NEET Qualified.
  • Students should be proficient in English (IELTS is not required).

Scholarships are provided to students for MBBS from Nepal 2023-24

  • Private or public institutions offer the opportunity to receive scholarships. The State or Central government offers good benefits, such as studying the scholarship program in Nepal. This way, it is very likely to benefit keen medical students.
  • The North-South Foundation College Scholarships are available specifically for Indian Students. This is a scholarship program available to Indian students who wish to pursue their medical education in Nepal. To be eligible for this scholarship students must satisfy all requirements of the scholarship placement test.
  • This Scholarship offered in Nepal is awarded based on merit, the same way as the financial report. This is very beneficial to students who want to maintain the standard of a good academic norm.

Best Medical Colleges in Nepal for MBBS

Below are the best and most prestigious medical Colleges located in Nepal for MBBS -


Year of Establishment

Nepalgunj Medical College


Birat Medical College


Chitwan Medical College


Lumbini Medical College


B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences


Manipal College Of Medical Science


Nepal Medical College


Nobel Medical College


Gandaki Medical College


Universal College Of Medical Sciences Nepal


Devdaha Medical College And Research Institute


National Medical College


MBBS in Nepal Syllabus



First Year

Clinical exposure, Communication Skills, Integrated Basic Medical Science, Community Medicine

Second Year

Integrated Basic Medical Science Clinical Exposure & Communication Skills

Third year

Surgery, Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Disciplines of Forensic Medicine, Obstetrics and Paediatrics, Community Medicine (Applied Epidemiology, Family Health Exercise) medicine

Fourth Year

Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Anaesthesiology, Gynecology, Dentistry, Community Medicine, Obstetrics, Psychiatry, Information Technology, Eye, Radiology, Ethics and Research, Surgery, ENT, Accident, and Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Dermatology

Fifth Year

Biostatistics, Sociology, Community Health Laboratory, Epidemiology, Communication skills, Environmental Health, Demography, Community Health Diagnosis, Family Health, Information Technology, Nutrition, Health Education

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Nepal

  • Among the many advantages of doing MBBS in Nepal for Indian youth, the existence of MCI-recognized Medical Colleges in Nepal for MBBS is primary. MBBS Courses in Nepal, resemble the Indian pattern in every way.
  • It might come as a pleasant surprise that Medical colleges in Nepal have many highly qualified Indian teachers among the staff. A reason good enough to attract many!
  • As mentioned earlier, the MBBS course in Nepal has similarities in pattern and syllabus with the Indian MBBS. Consequently, the ratio of passing the MCI Screening test among the students of any MBBS college in Nepal is very high.
  • The Universities of Nepal are known for their quality of education. The country also has autonomous Medical colleges in Nepal for MBBS.
  • Another benefit is the affordable MBBS Course fees in Nepal. Some MBBS in Nepal Medical College provide Installment options too.
  • Another good thing is the proximity of Nepal to India. Students can travel to and fro when needed, and that too, without spending much.
  • The food in Nepal is quite similar to Indian cuisine. Students hardly notice the change of Nations, when it comes to food.
  • The cost of living in Nepal is less and therefore, it is perfectly suitable for the Indian Middle Class.
  • Also, the climate of Nepal is quite conducive.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Nepal

  • Some Faculty lack poor English speaking capability and erratic pronunciation may cause comprehension issues.
  • In the hospitals, international students are not allowed to touch the patients during the internship, and instead, it works out to be only a kind of observer-ship.
  • The training of Surgery is done on only dummies and not on dead bodies making it difficult for the students to get real experience.
  • The students need to learn the local language as an additional subject.

MBBS In Nepal Vs MBBS in India

BasisMBBS In IndiaMBBS In Nepal
Seat AvailabilityThe MBBS in Nepal seat is not limitedThe seats in India for pursuing MBBS are limited
Fees StructureNepal Medical College Fees lie between 46 lakh to 60 lakh for the whole course.MBBS In India Fees 
Government College: INR 11,000 to INR 7.5 lakhs (complete course) 
Private college: 
INR 20 lakhs to INR 80 lakhs (complete course)
Course DurationMBBS In Nepal course duration is of 5 YearsMBBS In India course duration is 5.5 years (4.5 years academics + 1-year Internship)


  • FMGE passing percentage: As compared to China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakh, etc, students who have completed their course from Nepal universities have more chances to qualify for the MCI screening for practicing in India as Nepal’s passing percentage is 12.9%.
  S.No  Country  Appeared 
  Pass %
  1  China  20019  2363  11.80
  2  Russia  11724  1512  12.90
  3  Ukraine  8130  1224  15.06
  4  Nepal  5894  1042  12.60
  5  Kyrgyzstan  5335  589  11.04
  6  Georgia  1682  348  20.69
  7  Philippines  1421  365  25.69
  8  Kazakhstan  1393  143  10.27
  9  Bangladesh  1265  343  27.11
  10  Armenia  1097  237  21.60