NEET 2021 Preparation Tips

NEET 2021 Preparation Tips

NEET Preparation Tips 2021 will help the students to score good marks in the examination. NEET UG Content-Based Lectures Videos by IIT Professors and Experts will be made available soon on the website for the 2021 session. National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET 2021) is governed by the NTA (National testing Agency) for selecting students for admission into various medical and dental courses such as MBBS and BDS. This is only a medical entrance test organized for admission in medical courses that’s why a large number of students appear for this exam. NEET examination is one of the toughest examinations, but it can be cracked easily by implementing the tips and tricks. Here we are providing tips & tricks for How to Prepare for NEET 2021.

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NEET 2021 Hourly Revision Plan/ Timetable 

Time Activity Topics to be covered Time durations
7:45 – 8:00 Wake up and freshen up/prepare for studying
8:00 – 10:30 Study Chemistry 2.5 hours
10:30 – 11:00 Breakfast
11:00 – 1:30 Study Biology 2.5 hours
1:30 – 3:00 Lunch/ Sleep and Leisure time
3:00 – 5:30 Study Physics 2.5 hours
5:30 – 6:00 A short break and Leisure time
6:00 – 9:00 Practice Attempt any mock test or Practice previous years question paper 3 hours
9:00-10:00 Break/ Dinner and Leisure time
10:00 – 12:00 Daily Revision Revise all the topics studied the whole day, Analyse your mock test 2 hours

The time table is to be followed regularly for 2 months before the exam and once the exam comes near, start dedicating more time to Revision and attempting mock tests along with the previous years’ question paper. Candidates must emphasize more on revision and attempting mock tests since they help us prepare in a better way and let us know our strengths and weaknesses. Previous years’ question paper and mock tests give an overview of the exam pattern and marking scheme.


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Choosing the right book for NEET preparation

There is an abundance of the books for preparation of NEET. Hence picking the right book might seem like a task. Candidates must take the advice of their mentors before choosing the books for NEET preparation. Books suggested by both, experts and toppers, have been listed in the table. To know the complete list of books click on the links given below.


Book Title Author
Physics for Medical Entrance Examinations D.C. Pandey
Concepts of Physics H.C. Verma
Fundamentals of Physics Halliday, Resnick and Walker
Objective NCERT at your fingertips for NEET AIIMS- Physics MTG Editorial Board
Complete NEET Guide MTG Editorial Board
NEET 2019 Physics Guide- 5th Edition Disha Publications
Fundamental Physics  Pradeep
Problems in General Physics  IE Irodov 


Book Title Author
Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry O.P. Tandon
Bull’s Eye Chemistry NEET Edition 2019 Seema Saini and K.S. Saini
40 Days Chemistry for NEET Sudhanshu Thakur
Objective Chemistry for NEET Vol. 1&2 R.K. Gupta
Organic Chemistry Morrison and Boyd
Concise Inorganic Chemistry  JD Lee 
Practice books by VK Jaiswal (Inorganic), MS Chauhan (Organic) and N Awasthi (Physical) VK Jaiswal, MS Chauhan, N Awasthi


Book Title Author
Complete NEET Guide: Biology MTG Editorial Board
Elementary Biology Volume 1 & 2 Trueman
Question Bank for Biology Dr. Ali
Objective Biology Dinesh
Biology Publicaton  GRB Bathla
NEET 2019 Biology Guide- 5th Edition Disha Publications

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NEET 2021 Important Topics

It is not advisable to leave any topic from the syllabus for NEET, one must know what is important. The key to ace the exam is to prioritize and settle for the most important topics. Here’s a list of important topics that you should target first.

Important Topics in Physics for NEET 2021

It is always wise to pick up topics that carry high weightage. 

  • Theory-based questions include questions from Modern Physics, Magnetism, Heat and Thermo Dynamics, Oscillations, etc.
  • Magnetic Effects of Current covers more marks than any other unit in NEET Physics Section as per previous years’ paper analysis.
  • Candidates must make sure that they cover these topics thoroughly to score decently in physics theory.
  • As far as Problem solving questions are concerned, one must gauge the formulae first. Thereafter, while solving the problem, check if the similar system of units is there, if not use the conversion rules. 


All the topics are mandatory but if are running out of time, then focus on those that carry high weightage marks. Some of them are:

  • Electrodynamics
  • Wave Optics
  • Semiconductors
  • Modern Physics
  • Rigid Body Dynamics
  • KTG & Thermodynamics


Important Topics in Chemistry for NEET 2021

Chemistry in NEET is considered to be one of the easiest and scoring sections.

  • Pay equal attention to both, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.
  • Be thorough with atomic structure, chemical bonding, Chemical Equilibrium and Acids, P Block elements, etc.
  • Apart from this, you must solve the numerical problems regularly in order to perfect problem-solving abilities.


Some of the most important topics in Chemistry section are:

  • Chemical Bonding
  • Coordination Compounds
  • Carbonyl Compounds
  • Organic Chemistry-I


Important Topics in Biology for NEET 2021

Biology preparation is mainly segregated in two sections- Botany and Zoology. Over the past few years, biology has seen a rise in difficulty level.

  • For Botany, go through the topics related to planning diversity and classification.
  • Plant Physiology, however, can be less stressed upon, if you face time constraints.
  • for Zoology, focus on Reproductive Health, biodiversity, polygenic inheritance, Mendelian disorders, etc.


Given below are some of the important topics to be covered under this section of NEET 2021.

  • Plant Anatomy
  • Pollination
  • DNA Replication
  • Photosynthesis
  • PAGE Theory
  • Endocrine System
  • Excretory and Nervous System
  • Digestive System


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Solving the question papers of previous years and mock tests

Experts advice starting the preparation of NEET by referring to the question papers of previous years. NEET question papers will help them understand what type of questions can be asked in the examination. As one progresses, they must start solving these question papers and NEET mock tests regularly. They must attempt these in an environment similar to that of the examination hall.

Maintain your Health

While preparing for the exams, candidates should also take care of their health. With better health, you can concentrate better on your studies. Avoid junk and oily foods and take healthy diet plans. Do meditation and yoga exercises for better concentration.


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