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By: Career Marg Team | on February 22, 2022

Studying MBBS abroad means citing a good point in your resume. CareerMarg is the best overseas medical education consultants in Patna. We provide you with the best service for admission to top colleges globally. Here is the detailed information you need to know before choosing us.

Planning to study MBBS in Abroad? Don’t know where to start? Want to know about CareerMarg services?


For those who want to study MBBS and do not get a chance because there is a huge competition In India. There are limited seats for MBBS in India and hence creating a huge rush. So CareerMarg brings a great chance so that no medical aspirants get disheartened. We are the best overseas medical education consultants in Patna. We provide complete guidance so that every student gets a chance at an affordable price. Now you can pursue MBBS from Abroad and we provide you with full support.

You can become a successful doctor by studying from top colleges approved by MCI (Medical Council of India). MBBS from some of the countries are more economical as compared to India. The cost of MBBS in some countries like Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and so on, less between 3000 USD to 20000 USD. We take care of our students starting from selecting the best college to admission to that college.


The parents of Indian students want their children to be a doctor. However, due to limited seats for MBBS in India, their dreams remain unfulfilled. There are 50,000 seats including private and government are there in India whereas around 10 Lakhs o students appear in the entrance examination. This shows that only 5% of students get a chance to study MBBS in India. There are 355 medical colleges in India out of which only 154 are run by the government and rest 181 is private. The private institute demands an additional fee of 15 lakhs to 20 lakhs yearly for admission. So a middle-class family can't afford. But you can still become an established doctor by studying MBBS in Abroad.

Some of the benefits of studying MBBS in abroad are-

#1. In the colleges o abroad there is no capitation fees or donation so a middle-class family can afford. Most of the universities in Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, China, and so on does not take any donation. Studying MBBS in private colleges of India is costly because of donations taken by the institutes.

#2. In some o countries like Nepal and Bangladesh, there is a very low cost of living in addition to quality education.

#3. There is a world-class infrastructure in the college campus and labs which provides the Indian students more opportunity to learn.

#4. You get international exposure and get to cite an extra point in your resume. You can experience a new culture which will help you learn many practical experiences in life.

#5. By joining CareerMarg you easily get a chance to get admission in the top medical colleges in the world for MBBS and comes out as a bright doctor. 

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We are a group of experienced experts who supports students who wish to study MBBS abroad. CareerMarg is the best medical education consultants in Patna. We aim to provide you with the best. Since 2006 our organization has gathered the trust of the students and their parents as well. CareerMarg has emerged as a one-stop destination for all the medical aspirants who wish to study MBBS in abroad.

The limited seats in India do not allow all the students to study MBBS. They can still fulfil their dreams by studying MBBS abroad. This also expands the mental horizon of the student as they gain more exposure. They get to acquire new standards of education and get to learn more. Thus CareerMarg the top overseas medical education consultants in Patna is focused to support all medical aspirants. Our only aim is that you get to study MBBS abroad at an affordable cost. MBBS admission abroad or MBBS is our prime point of focus.



The list of top 20 medical colleges in the world for MBBS is listed below. Students from all over the world seek admission through different quotas in these colleges. They come out to be the most successful doctors.

#1. Harvard University, United States

#2. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

#3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States

#4. University of Oxford, United Kingdom

#5. Stanford University, United States

#6. Yale University, United States

#7. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), United States

#8. Johns Hopkins University, United States

#9. Imperial College London, United Kingdom



#10. The University of California, San Diego (UCSD), United States

#11. California Institute of Technology (Caltech), United States

#12. University of Toronto, Canada

#13. McGill University, Canada

#14. Duke University, United States

#15. The University of Melbourne, Australia

#16. Columbia University, United States

#17. University of California, San Francisco, United States

#18. National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

#19. University of Chicago, United States

#20. The University of Tokyo, Japan



CareerMarg in the number one MBBS abroad consultants in Patna, Bihar. Applying for MBBS in the top colleges in the world is not an easy step. So, we do not limit our service to getting the best country or best college in the world. We also help the student throughout the admission process so that the can handle the hectic process of admission and can take a good carrier decision.

The services provided by us are as follows-

1. Career counselling: We provide the student and their parents the right information so that they can choose a college and country according to their financial constraints and choice. We provide the counselling free of cost.

2. University selection: We help you to decide the best university by putting all the pros and cons of getting admission to a particular college.

3. Application assistance: We will provide you with the application form of the particular college which you will choose. You need to fill it up and give it to us again. There are several crucial process need to be done before you looking to live or study in abroad.

4. Financial solution and scholarship: CareerMarg is the best overseas medical education consultants in Patna. We also help you in applying for scholarships. Many students cannot afford the cost or they also arrange for student loans.


5. Student analysis: We o not limit our service to suggesting colleges to the students we also analyze the student’s talent. This helps us to suggest the student the best college that matches their talent.

6. Visa Guidance: Getting a VISA is not an easy thing. Approval of your VISA is going to be a tough thing. We also assist VISA so that you get your VISA to study abroad easily.

7. Pre-departure meeting: We arrange a pre-departure meeting with the student and their family. We cross-check that all the formalities are done and you have the right information and contact with you. We do this to avoid any problem that may occur.

8. Post arrival assistance: We not only assist you in pre-departure but also help you post-arrival. The country you are moving in, we help you by giving a briefing of the time zone, culture, climate, currency, and everything for you.



1. We got a high success in approving VISA for the students who wish to study abroad.

2. We have many institutions in partners so your admission gets smoother.

3. We have great experience in placing students in a different part of the world.

4. We achieve excellence in our service. Your trust is the only thing that motivates us to do better.

5. We provide free counselling to you and your parents.

6. We work hard work to make our services better and like this, we grow.



We analyze the students and understand your requirement. Then we do complete research so that we can provide you with the best out of the best. CareerMarg is overseas medical education consultants in Patna and our core features are-

1. Comprehensive guidance: We provide our students with complete guidance. We start by choosing a college and continue until you attend your first class. Your comfort is our aim so that you enjoy a hassle-free experience.

2. Uncompromising ethics: Ethics comes first for us. We believe in quality and so our best so that you get quality service from our experts. We follow ethical standards and do our work with rigorous hard work.

3. Transparent process: We always ensure that you are updated with the current application status and do not miss any kind of update. We support you through all the steps of application.

4. Esteemed universities: All our partner universities are acclaimed colleges with a good reputation. Colleges are MCI approved and you have a great opportunity to make your career.



CareerMarg is the topmost MBBS abroad consultants in Patna, Bihar. Our only aim is to pave the way for the Indian students who wish to study MBBS abroad. We provide unparalleled guidance and some of our key features are-

1. We ensure 100% satisfaction of the client. We look into your need and try to inform you of all the necessary information. Always we make sure that only right and quality information reaches you.

2. At CareerMarg we also provide you with the proper guidance about which college will be best for you and which country will meet your financial constraints.

3. We assure admission in the top medical colleges in the world for MBBS. You get hassle-free and donation free admission.

4. CareerMarg provides counselling completely free of cost. Our aim is that every student gets a chance to complete their dreams at an affordable cost. Here we ensure that you get a university that is right for you.

5. At CareerMarg we provide a detailed consultation on the required documents and the complete process. Here we ensure that you do not face any difficulties during admission.



If you wish to study MBBS abroad then you are in the right place. You can fulfil your dream of studying MBBS abroad. CareerMarg is a well-known overseas medical education consultant in Patna. Our expert counsellor provides the best counselling and free o cost. We do not take any extra charges and just charge for our service. With us, you can get a chance to study MBBS in the top medical colleges of the world. Our service is spread all over the world and you can choose any college globally that will suit your choice. For any query feel free to contact us. We are always ready to serve our students.



Q1. Will CareerMarg helps you to apply in the overseas colleges?
Ans: Yes, CareerMarg will provide you with complete support throughout the admission process.

Q2. Which is the best overseas educational consultancy in India?
Ans: CareerMarg is the best overseas educational consultancy in India, situated in Patna, Bihar.

Q3. Why choose CareerMarg?
Ans: We provide the best counselling to our students so that they get the best college and become successful doctors.

Q4. Does CareerMarg provide free counselling?
Ans: Yes, we provide free counselling to our students so that they can choose the best college.

Q5. Does CareerMarg provide MCI approved colleges?
Ans: Yes, CareerMarg provides you with the colleges that are approved by MCI and ensure quality education for you.

Q6. What services do CareerMarg overseas education Consultancy in Patna offer?
Ans: CareerMarg abroad education consultants offer comprehensive services to help meet the unique needs of the students aspiring to get overseas education. Typically, CareerMarg offers the following overseas education services like:

  • Career counselling
  • Course selection guidance
  • Entrance exam coaching
  • Admission guidance in colleges/universities abroad
  • Visa assistance
  • Education loan
  • Scholarship guidance
  • Travel & FOREX assistance
  • Accommodation/hostel facility support

Q7. In which countries can overseas consultants of Patna help me to study MBBS in abroad?

Ans: The best overseas education consultants in Patna- Bihar can assist you to get admission in leading colleges and universities at top study MBBS in abroad destinations like Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Philippines, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Q8. How much does it cost to study overseas?
Ans: The cost of studying overseas includes the tuition fee, living expenses and cost of visa and flight tickets. The tuition fees may widely vary from one educational institution to another based on their popularity, course type and duration of the study. The cost will also depend on the city/country chosen, quality of accommodation, etc.

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