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The MBBS fee structure of Ad-Din Akij Medical College, Khulna- Bangladesh for foreign students in session 2023-2024 is as follows below:

Before Admission5,000 USDRs.4,00,000
At the time of Admission8,000 USDRs.6,40,000
1st Installment (15 January 2025)5,000 USDRs.4,00,000
2nd Installment (15 January 2026)5,000 USDRs.4,00,000
3rd Installment (15 January 2027)5,000 USDRs.4,00,000
6th Installment (15 January 2028)5,000 USDRs.4,00,000
 Total 33,000 USDRs.26,40,000
  • Food Extra
  • 1$=Rs.80
  • The above fees Include college Fees and Hostel fees for Five years

About Ad-Din Akij Medical College

Ad-Din Akij Medical College is a private medical college located in Khulna, Bangladesh. It was established in 2013 and is affiliated with the Rajshahi Medical University. The college is run by the Ad-Din Foundation in collaboration with Akij Group, a well-known conglomerate in Bangladesh.

Ad-Din Akij Medical College offers a five-year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program. The curriculum is designed to meet the guidelines and standards set by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) and Rajshahi Medical University. The college aims to produce competent medical professionals who can provide quality healthcare services.

The college has well-qualified and experienced faculty who are dedicated to providing quality education and training to the students. The campus is equipped with modern facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, a library, an anatomy dissection hall, and a computer center.

Clinical training is an integral part of the MBBS program, and Ad-Din Akij Medical College has its own affiliated teaching hospital, Ad-Din Akij Medical College Hospital. The hospital provides a wide range of healthcare services to the local community and serves as a training ground for medical students.

Ad-Din Akij Medical College also encourages research activities among its faculty and students. It aims to contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge and improve healthcare practices through research and innovation.

How to reach Ad-Din Akij Medical College, Khulna from Kolkata

There are 3 ways to go from Kolkata to Khulna by bus, car, or train

Kolkata to Khulna by train