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Lucky are the students who get the opportunity to study MBBS. Being one of the toughest courses in the science stream, it demands time, patience, and effort for six years to become a successful doctor. If you are an MBBS aspirant and looking for good medical colleges to pursue medicine, then MBBS in Bangladesh should be the first on your priority list.

Bangladesh medical colleges offer outstanding facilities for students and a 20% to 25% quota for Indian students. However, getting entry into the top medical institutes in Bangladesh is not that easy. There're tones of formalities to complete. Once you get MBBS admission in Bangladesh; here are a few of the things that you must know during your MBBS course.

  1. Stay Focused on your Studies:

Do not forget the sole purpose of your migration. It's the six years of effort that will shape your career as a   medical practitioner. Any deviation from your sole objective can derail or spoil your plan to clear MBBS. Remember, a lot of money is spent per year on tuition fees for the course, so working diligently to achieve your dream is the priority.

MBBS in Bangladesh

On the contrary, it does not mean you should stop exploring a beautiful country like Bangladesh. There are many tourist spots in every state and city that you must visit on weekends. Take a break from your studies and explore the beauty of Bangladesh keeping in mind your objectives of relocating from your country.

  1. Socialize with friends but smartly:

Making friends and socializing is the best way to stay away from monotony. Also, you needn't worry as Bangladesh is a friendly country where they heartily welcome people across the globe. However, a smart selection of friends is important. You should not choose someone who is controversial or you feel will deviate you from your goals.

Moreover, every MBBS college in Bangladesh follows anti-ragging policies. So, make your graduation days memorable by socializing with your group or network, and be selective in making friends who will enrich you in the process of becoming a doctor.

  1. Do not involve yourself in Controversial Topics:

Debates are good for enhancing your soft skills but they should be limited to extra-curricular activities in college. If you are pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh, you need to respect the local culture, rules, and regulations. Never involve in a debate that relates to political or socio-economic issues. These topics are controversial and different people have different views. These topics when discussed in detail turn into a serious argument. No one in their nation would like to listen to anything sensitive or bad about their country. Participate in healthy discussions and clarify any doubt you have from the local people and abide by their rules. Also, religious discussions should be strictly prohibited.

  1. Learn about the Local Culture:

Don't pass up the chance to learn about the regional culture. Knowing more will help you understand the people better, which will be helpful during your six years in Bangladesh. When you are ready to practice medicine as a doctor, residents will make up a sizable portion of your patient lists. Therefore, understanding culture will be beneficial to you in those times.

It is one of the interesting facts that knowing the local culture of any country/state/city will automatically help you to adjust there to the locals. It is an adventure in itself to know about the culture, festivals, and rituals. It will make you aware of how people stay there in unity and enjoy their life harmoniously with foreign students who commute there for MBBS in Bangladesh.

  1. Knowing Local Laws are Mandatory:

Remember that you are migrating to another country for MBBS admission in Bangladesh. When it comes to law and legal regulations, no countries are the same in every aspect. They differ in several aspects and conducting any minor or major crime by mistake or ignorance will not save you from the outcome of that punishable offense. You should gather enough information about the local laws before arriving.

It should be done in the pre-migration preparatory stage. You can also gather all the information about the local laws from the local people and stay relaxed. It will help you in adjusting to a new location and environment. Since MBBS is a six years course, you should prepare from all ends and know local laws in detail.

  1. Adopt Healthy Habits:

Make a policy to adopt all the healthy habits as you cannot afford to be ill. You're not only away from your home but from your country, so it's only you who can take care of yourself. Adopt a healthy lifestyle where you wake up early, walk in the morning, or do small exercises.

A balanced diet is also important to keep you active throughout the day. Bangladeshi medical universities provide decent lodging options and high-quality food at the canteens. Students encounter fewer issues because dietary habits in India and Bangladesh are comparable. Include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, and engage in regular exercise.

  1. Do not think of part-time jobs during your study:

Bangladesh invites you immense opportunities when you decide on your career as a doctor. There are half-day or hourly basis jobs open for students. CareerMarg team suggests that students studying MBBS in Bangladesh are not involved in jobs during their MBBS course. It will drastically affect your performance in medical studies. Your six years are precious and will never return. 

When you enter the internship period, you’ll receive a stipend for your work. here starts your financial journey. Moreover, students have no time to do part-time jobs as the MBBS syllabus is so vast with exams and practicals that they are engaged in their study routines. They have practical assignments, exams, and other extracurricular activities to cover for the entire year.

Are you planning to pursue your career in MBBS in Bangladesh?  Connect with the CareerMarg team @ 8499000022 or Apply Online from our online portal. We make your admission procedures hassle-free as you do not have to make a single effort to communicate with the external authorities involved in the process. Our team will give you hand-held guidance for a career in MBBS in Bangladesh.



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