Why Medical Degrees from Bangladesh Valued So Much?

By: Career Marg Team | on December 21, 2022

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Students are brought up with the sentiment that having a college degree is the most necessary thing anyone can achieve. Moreover, for a better future and to maintain stability in life, having an educational degree is mandatory. India is a country with having youth population the majority with several career choices. There are many students who are now about to start college studies but could not find the right institution as they are confused and have no idea where to start. Especially when it comes to MBBS there are only a few A+ colleges that provide excellent exposure to medical studies.

Somehow, this search for the college process is even more hectic and impossible if the student is from a medical background. However, getting an MBBS degree in Bangladesh is much easier than getting it from India or any other country. In India, getting any degree comes with an expensive price chart that is unaffordable for many students. There are many reasons why people choose to pursue a career in the medical field. Whether it is to provide their services to achieve financial benefits, it can be anything. However, this dream of many medical aspirants is hard to fulfill due to a lack of college placement in colleges or the high pricing structure.

MBBS in Bangladesh

Degree of MBBS in Bangladesh and its Scope

Somehow, there is always an alternative choice for everyone, even for medical students who can pursue their MBBS career in Bangladesh colleges, as MBBS Colleges in Bangladesh boast one of the most successful and appreciable MBBS programs in the world. And the most significant factor to consider doing an MBBS in Bangladesh is their cost is lower than any universities in other nations.

However, do not ever choose any college only because of its cost. Here is a list of a few beneficial factors that will help every medical student understand the value of an MBBS degree from Bangladesh. Let's check them out:

  • Recognized By NMC: National Medical Commission, or NMC, is one of the governing bodies formed to overtake the medical education regulations from MCI or the Medical Council of India in January 2019. So, getting approval from MCI for any institute states that medical students can practice medicine in other countries after obtaining an MBBS degree in Bangladesh. And fortunately, most MBBS colleges in Bangladesh have approval and recognition by MCI. This recognition ensures that students can start practicing in Indian hospitals and clinics after clearing a small screening test arranged by NMC.
  • Seat Reservations for Foreign Students: Most of the government medical colleges have reservations of approximately 104 seats for international students. However, in private MBBS colleges, around 40% of the seats are always reserved for international students. It is one of the reasons why students should prefer MBBS in Bangladesh medical colleges You need not worry if you have excellent NEET exam scores and excellent academic scores and never worry about seat availability.
  • Common Syllabus with state-of-art Teaching: The medical studies and syllabus taught in Bangladesh are similar to all the other countries and universities. There are Pathology, Anatomy, Community Medicine, Forensic medicine, Biochemistry, and many others at a very reasonable price, and all the other countries teach almost the same subjects in MBBS courses. Every medical student knows these subjects are necessary while pursuing a career in medicine.

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  • Provides Clinical Skill and Knowledge: Every medical college has a maximum number of hospital beds, which allows medical students to know about more patients. Also, few government colleges have around 1000 bedded hospitals. So, medical students will experience a large number of patients and several cases. This facility always provides students with the right practical, and clinical skills, and knowledge. Medical colleges in Bangladesh also have a good capacity for OPD for better surgery practice. There are MCI-approved colleges/hospitals that provide one-year internships after the MBBS course. 

Other Factors that attract Students to MBBS in Bangladesh

  • Economical Option for MBBS Studies: So, compared to other foreign colleges for every Indian medical student, Bangladesh colleges are more affordable. For instance, any Chinese or Russian medical college would be much costlier than any college in Bangladesh in terms of fees, lodging, and other facilities. It is due to the standard of living, and the price of many items that hike dramatically in some high-class Russian and Chinese cities.
  • Low Traveling Cost: While it may be costly to travel from India to the USA, China, Russia, Japan, or many other countries, the traveling cost to reach Bangladesh is very cheap. By airplane, it will cost around 4900 INR from Kolkata to Dhaka, and by road, it will cost one person around 1400 INR. However, by train, it will cost approximately 1200 INR for one person, which is exceptionally convenient and cheaper.
  • Language of Teaching: Many countries, like China, always prefer their Chinese language for teaching in many institutes, making it difficult for many Indian medical students to study there. However, an MBBS degree in Bangladesh can be a lot easier because the language used for teaching in any institute there is English, which is understandable by everyone.
  • Best Hostel Facilities: Almost every private and government medical college in Bangladesh provides the best hostel facilities to its international medical students. And a few colleges also maintain the international standard level in the hostel. Hostels have separate accommodations for girls and boys. And the cherry on top is the hostel food facilities, which are fully hygienic and healthy. Few MBBS college in Bangladesh also offers on-campus and off-campus facilities with all the modern equipment.
  • Food Quality: Food is the most crucial thing while studying abroad. But getting MBBS admission in Bangladesh for Asian students, especially Indians, will be easy as they do not have to worry about food. The food habit is almost similar for Indians and Bangladeshi, making it easy for medical students to adapt to their cuisine without hassle. Besides, some college hostels also let their students cook for themselves.

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There are always a few decisions that people never regret in life, and getting admission to MBBS College in Bangladesh is one of them. Every medical student needs a fair chance to outshine the world and their skill and talent. So, if you are looking for the best medical college that is economical and also provides the most satisfactory result, now is the perfect time to enroll with one of the Bangladesh MBBS colleges.


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