As a customer of CareerMarg, you are required to aware that while signing up a contract with CareerMarg, you agree and accept to abide by our terms and condition of services related to various services provided such as Counseling, Guidance, Admission, Travel and others.

  • Once you sign the Registration form of CareerMarg for a specific program, the binding would be on both the sides such as you to complete the payments as per the signed form and CareerMarg for providing the services.
  • Most of the services provided by CareerMarg are on One time basis meaning, the costs charged are against the services provided unless it is specified.
  • Once you are registered with CareerMarg, the application fees payable to the university are not refundable. However, for all other reasons, the refund policies would be mentioned on the registration form and signed by both the parties.
  • Due balance should be paid without any delay on completion of your website. At any point of time, if the payments are held by you after confirmation and signing the registration form, the application process can not be stopped unless specified in the registration form.
  • The services provided by CareerMarg would complete once the student reaches the dorm / apartment allotted to them in another country chosen by them.
  • The pre-departure instruction would be given to the students and if required to the parents to ensure their understanding on the travel processes.
  • CareerMarg does not guarantee issuance of Visa by the consulates or the time taken by the embassies to stamp the visa. Any delay or rejection due to this would not be considered as the delay or failure of CareerMarg to deliver its services as per the registration form.