Short Term Courses in India, as the term goes they are of Short Duration. Academically speaking various Universities and Colleges in India have a provision of providing Short Term Courses in various areas of disciplines. The duration of these can vary from anything, like 2 weeks or a 2 months. Though there are certain unrecognised Institutes which provide Short Term Courses in India but the ones that are provided by reputed Universities and Colleges, are worthy of pursuing. Indian Short Term Courses are like ‘Crash Courses’ in nature, i.e. providing only the necessary study material in a minimal period of time. These are beneficial for those who want to upgrade or specialise in their field of expertise. Most of the Universities and Colleges in India provide Short Term Courses for the added benefit they provide to the candidates.

Short Term Courses in India can be categorised as:

Vocational Courses in India – Vocational Courses in India are those Courses which impart education of or relating to an occupation. There was a time when Vocational Courses in India were looked down upon as the ‘Inferior Cousin’ as compared to Regular Courses. However, these Courses have gained importance, over the past few years owing to the demand of higher levels of skill both in government and business sector.  These Courses are more technical and practical based and as such provide direct employment upon the completion of these. These Courses are of great importance to weaker sections of the society and handicapped persons as they provide them the opportunity which they deserve.

Extension Courses in India

Technically speaking, Extension Courses in India are those whose knowledge is applied to bring about desirable changes usually through various strategies & programmes of change & by applying the latest scientific & technological innovations. In simple words Extension Courses are the one’s which provide technical methods & techniques which can be directly applied on practical basis. Earlier Extension Courses in were limited to Technical and Agricultural Institutes. However in modern times principles, methods & techniques of Extension Education are applicable to veterinary & animal husbandry, dairying, home science, health, family planning, etc. These Courses are mostly meant for the rural folk who need the knowledge of modern techniques to get the maximum benefit from their occupation. Most of the Agricultural and Engineering Institutes provide these courses.