Belarus, country of eastern Europe. Until it became independent in 1991, Belarus, formerly known as Belorussia or White Russia, was the smallest of the three Slavic republics included in the Soviet Union (the larger two being Russia and Ukraine).

Education system in Belarus

Under the former Soviet government Belarus achieved virtually universal literacy. Education is compulsory from ages 7 to 16. Institutions of higher learning include the Belarusian State University (1921), the Belarus State Economic University (1933), and the Minsk State Linguistic University (1948), all in Minsk; the Yanka Kupala State University (1978) in Hrodna; the Francisk Skorina State University (1969) in Homyel; and the Belarusian Agricultural Academy (1848) in Horki. There are several medical, pedagogical, technological, and agricultural institutes as well. The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1929) is the chief scientific organization in the country and is headquartered in Minsk.

MBBS in Belarus

More than 20,000 foreign students, including Indian students study MBBS in Belarus at medical universities in Belarus each year. mbbs in belarusBelarus MBBS Admission is easy, the country, located east of Poland and west of Russia, sets a high value on a university education and offers affordable tuition for international students as well as a variety of courses of study.

A university education is much appreciated in Belarus and the country enjoys a large proportion of students compared to the general population. Most of the universities here are accredited by global associations such as UNESCO, WHO and MCI, and many universities of Host invited faculty frequently from the United States, UK and other parts of Europe.

In case you choose MBBS in Belarus for your higher education, this is the right decision you will ever make in your academic career because your degree earned at any Belarus university is recognized wherever you go in the world. The degree which you will earn after study MBBS in Belarus will be your solid companion in the career-making in any country of the world with high salary and career orientation.

The academic preparation of MBBS in Belarus for Indian students done during the first and second courses. In these courses, overseas aspirants study MBBS in Belarus separately from the Belarusian aspirants. The groups are generally made up of nine to ten medical aspirants. While studying in Belarus aspirants learn biochemistry, histology, general medical genetics, cytology, anatomy, embryology, general chemistry, organic synthesis, normal physiology, and biology.

You have a wider selection of courses and most prominent courses are taught in English medium of study.

Belarus possesses almost every type of educational institution or university like Medical, Technical, Management, Economics, Transport, Aeronautics and much more so that you may carry your desired course of study and it will bring you to study in Belarus likewise MBBS in Belarus.

Why to study Medicine in Belarus?

Do you want to study MBBS in Abroad? Then MBBS in Belarus is the best option because here the quality of education is really high in standard. You are given lectures by highly experienced professors with sophisticated labs and modern techniques in the medical field. That is the obvious reason that every year thousands of foreign students from Europe, Asia, Africa and Arab countries come to study medicine in Belarus.

Are you thinking to study MBBS in Belarus? You are definitely taking the decision because the MBBS degrees in Belarus are globally recognized.

Advantages of studying Medicine in Belarus

  1. English medium of education throughout the period of study “MBBS in Belarus“.
  2. No TOEFL and IELTS required for MBBS in Belarus
  3. Internationally recognized Medical degree makes worth MBBS in Belarus.
  4. Eligibility for certificate or entrance exams like MCI, USMLE, PMDC, HPCSA, SCHS, PLAB after MBBS in Belarus
  5. MBBS in Belarus is recognized globally.
  6. The admission process for MBBS in Belarus is very easy.
  7. Affordable course fee for MBBS in Belarus.
  8. Modern hospitals are available for internship during MBBS in Belarus.
  9. Student friendly campus environment while studying MBBS in Belarus.
  10. A complete safety and security for foreign students studying MBBS in Belarus

Disadvantages of Studying Medicine in Belarus

  1. The official language in Belarus is Belarusian. So, the language could be a barrier outside the university campus during MBBS in Belarus.
  2. An international student might have to learn the Belarusian and Russian language to communicate with confidence while studying MBBS in Belarus.
  3. The weather could be a problem. Since it is always cold it might be a little hard for students to adapt.
  4. You cannot study and work to cover expenses since MBBS course needs a lot of self-study and concentration.

The MBBS course structure in Belarus

MBBS in Belarus is a general medicine course taught in English medium of MBBS course fully for those who are good at English or their country official language is English.

At the universities of MBBS in Belarus, the educational process is provided in two languages, Russian or English, and lasts for 6 years. Students choose themselves their desired medium of curriculum during MBBS in Belarus.

MBBS in Belarus:

Duration: 6 Years
Medium of MBBS in Belarus: English Medium
Recognized : MCI & WHO

Eligibility for studying MBBS in Belarus

  1. Eligibility criteria for MBBS in Belarus are very basic and simple if you are looking for admission to the universities. This includes:
  2. Indian students who are looking to study MBBS for Belarus should have minimum 55% marks in PCB.
  3. IELTS or TOEFL scores are not required.
    However one needs to have good command in the English language as the mode of teaching remains English.
  1. You need to submit the school leaving certificate, a birth certificate, a notarized police clearance certificate.
  2. A valid passport and a scanned copy of all the pages of the passport.

Admission Process of Medical Universities in Belarus

The Admission procedure for MBBS in Belarus is simple and direct. It would be ideal if you observe underneath to find out about the procedure:

  1. Firstly, hopefuls need to fill the application shape with all the right points of interest.
  2. Then you will get the offer letter.
  3. Then you need to pay the enrollment expense.
  4. After the installment of the MBBS expenses, apply for the Visa.
  5. Get the Visa.
  6. After finishing all the required procedure, fly to Belarus

Arrival Requirements for MBBS in Belarus

  1. University fee. (Show money at airport)
  2. Medical fitness certificate. (Original. should be printed and not be written by hand. Stamped properly)
  3. Valid travel passport
  4. Original Secondary School Certificates
  5. Birth certificate
  6. 6 photos 4X6cm

All above-mentioned documents should be Attested and notarized by the state government before applying MBBS in Belarus.

Application Procedure and details for Studying MBBS in Belarus

We have made it simple for you by deconstructing the application procedure step-wise to enable you to accomplish your fantasy of turning into a Doctor:

  1. Fill the application or get it filled by us on the web.
  2. Submit the checked duplicates of your identification and other essential reports to the imminent Universities through the online affirmation entry.
  3. Collect the affirmation letter from the University (Within 10 working days) through their online confirmation entryway.
  4. After the affirmation of confirmation, the movement methodology will start.
  5. Once you get the welcome letter from the University please visit Embassy of the Republic of Belarus (within one month).

Visa Process for MBBS in Belarus

Please note that according to law all type of visa invitations are not approved by the universities or colleges in Belarus. These are approved by the foreign registration immigration office only.
Every applicant must have with him/her the following original documents at the airport.

  1. Valid Travel Passport
  2. Official Study Invitation
  3. School Certificates
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Medical Fitness Certificate (By hospital with stamp)
  6. 10 Photographs

Belarus Study Visa during MBBS in Belarus

There are different types of Belarus visas but this study visa is issued to those who intend to study in Belarus in any academic program and from any corner of the world.
There are two ways to obtain the Belarus study visa.


This visa is issued at the Minsk international airport to the students who are having an official study invitation by the Migration Department of Belarus.They present this invitation to the immigration officer and they paste the visa in applicant’s international passport.

Mostly national are offer this type of arrival visa due to Non-existence of Belarus Embassy if their country. Visa fee is paid at the immigration counter and its normally 130$US.


There are certain countries which are having Belarus Embassy in their territory must obtain study visa before arrival to Belarus.

They present a set of documents with official study invitation by the Migration Department of Belarus. Visa issuance time is normally two weeks once the student submits the all required documents to obtain the study visa.

NOTE: Please note that the students from India must obtain the visa before arrival from Embassy of The Republic of Belarus which is located in Delhi ( F6/8B, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110057).

Belarus study visa is usually issued at the Minsk International Airport with the help of official invitation letter and necessary documents.

On Arrival Requirements for Belarus study visa.

  1. University fee. (Show money at airport)
  2. Medical fitness certificate (Original)
  3. Valid international passport
  4. Original Educational certificates
  5. Birth certificate (hard copy)
  6. 10 photographs 4X6cm


WHO Recognized Medical Colleges in Belarus

Belarus in Russia is considered as one of the best destinations to study Medical courses in the world. The geographical location of Belarus, its climate, the encouraging environment in which it is located and many more factors fosters the medical education of various types in Belarus. Belarus has many Medical Colleges that impart different levels of medical science related courses to aspiring students from nook and corner of the world. Thousands of students flock into Belarus seeking admission in their Medical Colleges owing to the lean policy set by the Belarus Government towards education in Medical Colleges. Let us have a look at the prominent features displayed by WHO recognized Medical Colleges in Belarus.

List of WHO recognized Medical Colleges for MBBS in Belarus

  1. Belarusian State Medical University
  2. Vitebsk State Medical University
  3. Gomel State Medical University
  4. Grodno State Medical University


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