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Do you want to study Abroad?

Are you looking to take admission in MBBS at Bangladesh, Nepal, Russia, Philippines & Abroad meet our expert counselor

[stm_animation_block animation=”fadeInUp” animation_duration=”1″ animation_delay=”0″][stm_info_box title=”MBBS in Bangladesh” link=”|title:read%20more||” image=”1436″]Study MBBS in Bangladesh,highest passing rate for MCI screening test. Nearest Country with same syllabus, climate & food.[/stm_info_box][/stm_animation_block]
[stm_animation_block animation=”fadeInUp” animation_duration=”1″ animation_delay=”0.05″][stm_info_box title=”MBBS in Philippines” image=”1440″ link=”url:%23|title:read%20more|”]Getting MBBS admission in Philippines for Indian students is less competitive compared to Indian MBBS Admission.[/stm_info_box][/stm_animation_block]
[stm_animation_block animation=”fadeInUp” animation_duration=”1″ animation_delay=”0.1″][stm_info_box icon=”fa fa-chevron-right” title=”MBBS in Nepal” image=”1438″ link=”|title:read%20more||”]MBBS in Nepal is of five and half years. First four and half years are dedicated to theoretical study of basics of medical sciences, and clinical study[/stm_info_box][/stm_animation_block]
[stm_animation_block animation=”fadeInUp” animation_duration=”1″ animation_delay=”0″][stm_info_box title=”MBBS in Russia” link=”url:%23|title:read%20more|” image=”1436″]studying MBBS in Russia gaining popularity among international students, because the Russian Federation has a number of the best medical Universities in World.[/stm_info_box][/stm_animation_block]
[stm_animation_block animation=”fadeInUp” animation_duration=”1″ animation_delay=”0.05″][stm_info_box title=”MBBS in Ukraine” image=”1440″ link=”|title:read%20more||”]Getting MBBS admission in Ukraine for Indian students is less competitive compared to Indian MBBS Admission.[/stm_info_box][/stm_animation_block]
[stm_animation_block animation=”fadeInUp” animation_duration=”1″ animation_delay=”0.1″][stm_info_box icon=”fa fa-chevron-right” title=”MBBS in China” image=”1438″ link=”url:%23|title:read%20more|”]China is fast becoming the most favored destination for studying MBBS in Asia. Every year, more than 10,000 overseas students come to  study MBBS in China.[/stm_info_box][/stm_animation_block]


MBBS in Russia

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Why to study MBBS in Abroad?

[stm_icon_box icon=”fa fa-inr” style=”icon_left” icon_size=”22″ icon_width=”70″ title=”No Donation”]There will be no donation for studying MBBS in abroad which is not the case for Indian private colleges. That is right, you will get direct MBBS admission without any donation.[/stm_icon_box]
[stm_icon_box icon=”stm-graph” style=”icon_left” icon_size=”22″ icon_width=”70″ title=”Low Fees Package”]Studying MBBS in abroad is cheaper than studying MBBS in India with the fees being as low fee Package as ₹12 lakh for entire MBBS course. The college fees will be paid in yearly instalments. Therefore, you don’t have to pay the entire fees at once.[/stm_icon_box]
[stm_icon_box icon=”stm-cart” style=”icon_left” icon_size=”22″ icon_width=”70″ title=”MCI & WHO approved
Medical College/Universities”]All Medical College/Universities are MCI and WHO approved and also approved by their respective national regulator of education, the student will be eligible to practice in India or any other country subject to fulfilment of the eligibility criteria.[/stm_icon_box]
[stm_icon_box icon=”stm-home” style=”icon_left” icon_size=”24″ icon_width=”70″ title=”Medium of Instruction is English”]The medium communication will be English for MBBS in Banladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine and China. Teachers/lecturers will be adept in the language so as to facilitate learning. Students need not learn the local language for classroom learning.[/stm_icon_box]
[stm_icon_box icon=”stm-lamp” style=”icon_left” icon_size=”28″ icon_width=”70″ title=”Global Job Opportunities”]MBBS in abroad open the doors of the world for you. You can practice anywhere in the world after completing your MBBS degree and complying with the eligibility criteria of the country of your choice where you wish to practice.[/stm_icon_box]
[stm_icon_box icon=”stm-truck” style=”icon_left” icon_size=”20″ icon_width=”70″ title=”Guidance for MCI Screening Test”]Guidance will be provided to students who will be appearing for the various screening tests such as the Medical Council of India (MCI) screening test-Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE), the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), etc.[/stm_icon_box]
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Why CareerMarg?

  • Best MBBS Abroad Consultants- transparent and complete information guaranteed.
  • Free counselling for the right University and Country to meet your budget.
  • Guaranteed admission if you meet eligibility criteria & submit documents on time.
  • Advise on Passport application process.
  • Visa Processing. Loan assistance.
  • Guidance for appearing screening test and getting MCI registration.
  • Provides foreign exchange from the authorised dealers of Government of India.
  • Overseas Travel Arrangement and sending students in a batch.
  • Admission Letter from the University & completion of the admission process.
  • Guidance for filing for MCI Certificate of Eligibility in India.
  • Accommodation arrangement in University Hostel.
  • Lowest admission processing fees and best guidance for MBBS in abroad.
  • Admission for MBBS  in Armenia, Nepal, Philippines, China, Russia, Ukraine, Bangladesh and Kyrgyzstan

Best MBBS Consultant in India

CareerMarg is an educational services company having offices at Guwahati, Delhi, Kolkata, Patna, Ranchi, Hyderabad, Anantapur, Nepal & Sudan. We are among the leading educational consultancy providing education & career solutions to Students for pursuing their Under Graduate and Post Graduate studies at universities, colleges and school in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Armenia, Ukraine, Russia & China. Our approach focuses on delivering a complete solution to your educational needs – whether it would be Consultancy, admission to educational institution, fees management etc. because our services are individually designed to meet your exact specifications, you will not have to compromise your initial vision.

We provide career guidance and education consultancy services to Study MBBS, MS, MD, BDS, MDS, B-Tech, M-Tech, BCA, MCA, BBM, MBA, Pharmacy, LLB, Polytechnic, Nursing, Hotel Management, B.Sc.(all courses), M.Sc. (all courses) and other course for Under-graduate and Post-Graduate specialization.


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Study MBBS in Abroad
India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Russia, Philippines, Ukraine

Medical College



  • Janaki Medical College
  • National Medical College
  • Nobel Medical College


  • Sumy State University
  • AMA School of Medicine
  • Heybusak Medical University Armenia