In Bangladesh, Dental school are well known as Dental College. Like medical education, dental education are conducted by different Dental College located all over the country. These Dental College are affiliated with Medical faculty of different government funded public University. These Dental College conduct a graduate course known as Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS). Each Dental college is affiliated with a specific Medical Faculty of a University. The university conduct and monitor their professional examination, education system, syllabus, academic activity and finally awarded the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree. The dental college student also have to do an internship training program in these dental college to get the practicing permission in the country. After successfully finishing the Internship training in any of the dental college final dental practicing license or registration certificate is awarded by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC). Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council also act as a motoring and regulatory body to monitor, assess, evaluate, and permit the practice license of these dental schools graduate along with respective University.

The three university that have Dentistry in their Medical Faculty are The University of Dhaka, The University of Chittagong and the University of Rajshahi & SUST. This three Public university have their Medical Faculty affiliated dental college and hospital those may be publicly or privately funded.

List of Bangladeshi dental college include:-

Public Dental Colleges in Bangladesh

No. Dental college Acronym Affiliated University Established College
Entroll. Location Division Website
1. Dhaka Dental College DDC DU 1961 1961 97 Dhaka Dhaka Division
2. Chittagong Medical College Dental Unit CMC CU 1990 1990 60 Chittagong Chittagong division link
3. Rajshahi Medical College Dental Unit RMC RU 1989 1989 59 Rajshahi Rajshahi Division link
4. Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Dental Unit SShMC DU 2011 2011 56 Dhaka Dhaka Division link
5. Sir Salimullah Medical College Dental Unit SSMC DU 2011 2011 52 Dhaka Dhaka Division link
6. Mymensingh Medical College Dental Unit MMC DU 2011 2011 52 Mymensingh Dhaka Division link
7. MAG Osmani Medical College Dental Unit SOMC SUST 2011 2011 52 Sylhet Sylhet division link
8. Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Dental Unit SBMC DU 2011 2011 52 Barisal Barisal division link
9. Rangpur Medical College Dental Unit RPMC RU 2011 2011 52 Rangpur Rangpur division link

Private Dental Colleges in Bangladesh

No. Dental college Acronym Affiliated University Established College
Location Division Website
1. University Dental College UDC DU 1995 1995 Dhaka Dhaka division link
2. City Dental College CDC DU 1996 1996 Dhaka Dhaka division link
3. Pioneer Dental College PDC DU 1995 1995 Dhaka Dhaka division link
4. Sapparo Dental College SDC DU 1993 2000 Dhaka Dhaka division link
5. Bangladesh Dental College BDC DU 1986 1986 Dhaka Dhaka division link
6. Chattagram International Dental College CIDC CU 2003 2003 Chittagong Chittagong division link
7. Rangpur Dental College RDC RU 2001 2001 Rangpur Rangpur division link
8. Update Dental College UpDC DU 2008 2008 Dhaka Dhaka division link
9. Marks Dental College MDC DU 2008 2008 Dhaka Dhaka division link
10. Saphena Women’s Dental College SWDC DU 2010 2010 Dhaka Dhaka division link
11. Mandy Dental College MDC DU 2008 2008 Dhaka Dhaka division link
12. Udayan Dental College UdDC RU 2008 2009 Rajshahi Rajshahi Division link
13 TMSS Medical College Dental Unit TMC RU 2008 2012 Bogra Chittagong division link
14 MH Samorita Medical College & Dental Unit MHSMC DU 2010 2010 Dhaka Dhaka division link
15 Kumudini Women’s Medical College, Dental Unit KWMCH DU 2011 2001 Tangail Dhaka division link
16 Holy Family Red Cresect Medical College Dental Unit HFRCMC DU 2013 2013 Dhaka Dhaka division link
17. Gonoshasthaya Samajvittik Samaj Vittik Dental College GSVMC DU 1998 1998 Savar Dhaka division link
18 Ibrahim Medical College,Dental Unit IMC DU 2015 2015 Dhaka

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