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1. What is the eligibility to Study MBBS in Bangladesh 2017?

Ans: To study in Bangladesh you have to meet the MCI eligibility which is 70% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology average and pass in English in Class 12 and minimum 17 years of age in December 31 of the year of Admission. In ADDITION the University in Bangladesh may have a HIGHER cut off than specified by MCI. So read the requirement of the University in addition to the MCI requirement.


2. What is the MCI Screening Test? How many times can I give Screening Test?

Ans: After you finish MBBS overseas & come back to India – you have to give a competency test popularly known as the MCI Screening Test. The official name is FMGE or Foreign Medical Graduate Examination conducted by the National Board of Examination or NBE. The MCI does not conduct the test. If you fail the test then there is NO LIMIT on the number of attempts in the MCI test. If you have studied properly in your college then you will pass the MCI test

3. Will my Degree be recognized in India and overseas?

Ans: Yes. The degree is recognized by the MCI in India and by most Governments overseas. Each country has a process for recognizing a foreign medical degree. You have to follow that process. Usually each country needs you to give a competency examination such as the USMLE for USA. So you have to find out the process in each country and comply with it.


4. Where can I do my internship?

Ans: You can do your internship in India or in Bangladesh. Read the rules of the University. Some allow you do to do 6th year in India for free. Some have a charge. Some do not allow 6th year in India and need you to do it in Bangladesh only


5. What is the Mode of Payment and in what currency?

Ans: Fees in India for visa etc are payable in India in Indian Rupees. Fees for the University, is payable in US$ or the Bangladesh currency.

You can take money to Bangladesh in the form of US $. You can legally carry 3000 $ in cash and 20000 $ in travelers cheques. Take a receipt for the Cash you are carrying for the customs authorities. You can transfer some fees to the University by way of Bank or SWIFT transfer. Read the relevant advice.


6. What is the Total Expense including hostel and food?

Ans: For Hostel structure – refer to the fee structure of each institute.


7. What is the mode of travel, cost and time of travel?

Ans: By Air/Train/Bus from India to Bangladesh. Most major cities of India are connected to Bangladesh by air. The time take for travel is usually within one day – dependent on the planning.


8. What is the course duration in Bangladesh?

Ans:  Duration is 6 years. 5 years is academic and one year is internship.


9. What about food in Bangladesh?

Ans: All Colleges in Bangladesh have canteens where reasonably priced food is available. All Hostels usually have a system where you can cook your own food. So both choices are available to the Student.


10. What is the dress code in Bangladesh for MBBS course?

Ans: There is no dress code. But you have to buy white aprons etc for some classes


11. Is MBBS in Bangladesh expensive?

Ans: No. Bangladesh is cheaper than Private medical Colleges in India.


12. How many times can I come home in a year?

Ans: There are two vacations in summer and winter. So you can come back twice a year if you want to


13. How is the Weather and Temperature in Bangladesh?

Ans: As in East India.


14. Do I have to learn Bengali?

Ans: Yes. Don’t worry about it. Medical Education will taught in English Language and local citizens are expert in Hindi also.


15. How do I get my visa?

Ans: CareerMarg will process your visa for you through embassy rules.


16. How to get a Loan for Education in Bangladesh?

Ans: You can apply for a Bank loan. Under RBI guidelines Banks can give upto 20 lac for education overseas. Banks look at parent income, security and mark sheet before granting loan.


17. Can I work while I am a student in Bangladesh?

Ans: No. You cannot. You are on a student visa. And if you study then you have no time to work. So do not plan to work on a student visa.


18. Can I get a job when I come back to India in the Private or Govt. Sector?

Ans: Yes. You can get a job in India in the private and Govt. sector on return to India after clearing the MCI process.


19. Can I do PG – MD or MS in Bangladesh or India after my MBBS?

Ans: Yes you can do PG in Bangladesh after MBBS. You can do PG also in India after MBBS and after MCI registration in India.


20. How many Indians are studying there?

Ans: There are over 500 Indians studying MBBS in Bangladesh. Each year about 200 to 400 Indian students go to Bangladesh for MBBS.

21. NEET exam Compulsory to get admission in Bangladesh medical College?

Ans: Yes

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