What to do after 12th?,

What Course after 12th? are the questions which dominate our minds. Many students are Damn Sure about which course they will study after 12th. For many it is a fragile state as they aren’t sure about which type of course they should pursue. Before 10+2 they are quite sure which academic course, they will pursue. But as the results come out, the mind is bewildered with the thought of what next?

This happens due to various reasons:

  • Fellow students are taking different stream than yours.
  • Different people, different opinions.
  • Course of your liking or your parents.
  • Courses which are popular or courses which you like.

There are various courses after 12thCommerce Courses after 12th, Science Courses after 12th, Medical Courses after 12th, Engineering Courses after 12th and Arts Courses after 12th, are the major courses one is likely to pursue. While some prefer Courses after 12th Science, some prefer courses after 12th Commerce and others prefer Courses after 12th Arts. The degree courses pursued after 12th are known as Bachelors Degree Course or undergraduate degree courses.

One can go for various levels and types of courses in India. There are Certificate Courses, Diploma Courses and Degree Courses. Amongst these are Short Term Courses – which can be pursued online or through correspondence. Depending on one’s choice and convenience one can choose amongst various streams and disciplines provided by institutes in India. The cost factor also contributes largely to one’s choice of careers. But the most pursued courses are those which result in high salary packages and that is the reason why they are so popular and sought after. However, it is important to realise your potential, know your weaknesses, and consult a counsellor before opting for a course.

Courses after 12th Arts

The most easiest and underestimated courses are Arts Courses. One can opt for a wide variety of courses after 12th Art.

List of Courses after 12th Arts

Arts Certificate Courses after 12th – TOP 5

  1. BSTC
  2. CPED
  3. Certificate Course in Public Relations
  4. Certificate Course in French –
  5. Certificate Course in Social Work

Arts Diploma Courses after 12th – TOP 5

  1. Diploma in early childhood education
  2. Diploma in French
  3. Diploma in Commercial Art
  4. ETT
  5. DED

Arts Degree Courses after 12th – TOP 5 (based on number of institutes providing it)

  1. Bachelor of Arts
  2. B.A. (Education)
  3. BA – English
  4. B.A. (Hons) (Economics)
  5. BA Political Science

Courses after 12th Commerce

After 12th Commerce Courses in India are amongst the most popular courses. Commerce courses after 12th lead to various jobs in various commercial environments. Some of the courses after 12th for commerce students are also applicable to Arts students. So if you are wondering “What are the Courses after 12th Commerce?” Below is your answer.

Best Courses after 12th Commerce

Commerce Certificate Courses after – 12th TOP 5

  1. CNM
  2. Certificate in Accounting
  3. GSAE
  4. CCIP
  5. Certificate Course in Banking

Commerce Diploma Courses after – 12th TOP 5

  1. Diploma in Banking and Insurance
  2. Diploma in Banking Management
  3. Diploma in E Commerce
  4. Diploma in Tally
  5. Diploma in Taxation

Commerce Degree Courses after 12th – TOP 5 (based on number of institutes providing it)

  1. B.Com
  2. B.Com – Computer Applications
  3. B.Com – Honours
  4. B.Com – Corporate Secretaryship
  5. B.Com – Accountancy

Courses after 12th Science

Science Courses after 12th are amongst the most pursued and the most valued. Majority of these are also accepted at international levels.

Different Courses after 12th Science

Science Certificate Courses after 12th – TOP 5

  1. Certified Course in Environment Awareness
  2. Certified Course in Personal Computer Software
  3. Certificate in Clinical Psychology
  4. Certificate Course in Information Technology
  5. Certificate Course in Food Science Quality Control

Science Diploma Courses after 12th – TOP 5

  1. Diploma in Food Nutrition
  2. DAQ
  3. Diploma in Home Science
  4. Diploma in Nautical Science
  5. Diploma in Optometry

Science Degree Courses after 12th – TOP 5 (based on number of institutes providing it)

  1. B.Sc.
  2. B.Sc.- Chemistry
  3. B.Sc. – Bio-Technology
  4. B.Sc. – Botany
  5. B.Sc.- Bio-Chemistry

Best Courses after 12th

Top 10 Certificate Courses after 12th

  1. BSTC
  2. CCNA
  3. SCJP
  4. Certificate Course in Journalism Mass Communication
  5. CCNP
  6. TEFL India Certification
  7. ANM
  8. Certificate in Accounting
  9. GSAE
  10. MCSE

Top 10 Diplomas after 12th

  1. Diploma in Information Technology
  2. Diploma in Computer Application
  3. Diploma in Hotel Management
  4. Diploma in Taxation
  5. Commercial Pilot Licence
  6. Diploma in Photography
  7. Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  8. Diploma in English
  9. Diploma in Financial Management
  10. Diploma in Interior Design

Top 10 Degree Courses after 12th

  1. B.Tech. – Computer Science and Engineering
  2. B.B.A 
  3. B.C.A.
  4. B.EElectronics Communication Engineering 
  5. B.E – Mechanical Engineering 
  6. B. Tech. – Information Technology 
  7. B. Pharm.
  8. B.A. 
  9. B.Com. 
  10. B.B.M. – Business Management

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