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Ashoka School of Planning and Architecture is situated in Choutuppal Nalgonda, District at the border of Nalgonda and Ranga Reddy District close to rural and urban area of Telangana State. The college ambience enhances creativity by being close to nature. The architectural education we are offering aiming to develop students both academically and practical knowledge through approved formal.

   Architecture is more about creativity of built environment which soothe our ambiance in a planned, systematic order correlating to the past and connecting to the future. Architects have the ability to affect built environment and its society through functionality, aesthetics, technically good designs. Built environment changes according to time, technological advancement, education, participation in the students architecture evens like NASA, ZONAL NASA, inter college architectural competition / events and practical training as prescribed by Council of architecture and JNA & FAU. Sports are also part academic activity which develops students in totality. Architecture plays a crucial role in our day to day living environment. An architect Designs that Built environment in a constructive, sustainable, and futuristic way by enhancing the economical use of natural and man made resources with enhanced living conditions.
ASPA sees the potential growth of Hyderabad and its close vicinity area and attempting to unravel that potential by providing good architectural Education. ASPA, which is in its First year of its operation, is an attempt to create local knowledge base, with global ambitions through proper systematic education.
ASPA seeks to enter into multilateral collaborations with universities and research organizations.
ASPA is a futuristic academic institution which has set itself number of tasks to be accomplished and objectives to be achieved in the near future. Some of the most significant aims of ASPA are listed below.
1. To develop sustainable programs, for faculty recruitment, training and college development.
2. To promote extracurricular activity of students, teaching and non Teaching staff, this helps in overall growth of the College.
3. To continue to contribute in policy formulation and program implementation at regional level.

Four Year Programme

Upon graduation the students are recruited as professional planners in town and country planning offices throughout the country. Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, has accorded approval to this programme. The Institute of Town Planners, India has also accorded professional recognition to the Bachelor of Planning programme. Holders of the Bachelor of Planning degree are eligible for admission to master’s programmes in Indian and foreign universities. These include specializations such as housing, landscape architecture, transport planning, architectural conservation, environmental planning, urban design, etc. This degree also serves to widen students’ professional options after graduation. In terms of securing employment, both public and private sectors offer a range of jobs. Graduates work in organizations providing services in the fields of urban and regional planning, housing, transportation, urban design etc. Some of the past students are also working in the United Nations and World Bank, and few have become self-employed consultants. Names and qualifications of the highly motivated faculty of the Department are listed below.

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