Bihar Board Intermediate Students will be held Public Exam Starting Date from February Tuesday 2nd, 2021, End date to February Saturday 13th, 2021, Bihar Board 12th Class Practical Exam 2021 will be held Prior to the Theory Paper in the month of January 9th, (Saturday) 2021 and January 18th, Monday 2021.

Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) will be Conduct Examination at 12th Class Standard in both Government and Private Schools Belonging to the State of Bihar on the Basis of Syllabus as Prescribed by the Government of Bihar. Bihar Board 12th Class Annual Exam go to Conduct Every year Month of March, BSEB Regulate, Supervise and Develop Senior Secondary Standard Education in the State of Bihar.

Bihar Board Senior Secondary Students have Tension for the Annual Examination 2021. our Website Provided All Bihar Board Question Paper 2021 for 12th Class to makes Students as Tension Free. BSEB 12th Important Question 2021 will help the Students for Good Preparation.

Bihar 12th Class Model Question Paper 2021

Bihar Board Senior Secondary Examination Question Paper for the Academic year 2021 are now officially Published in at Official Website. Provide Hindi, English Medium Old Year Exam Study Material, Candidates eagerly looking for the Bihar Board 12th Model Paper 2021 can Download them now either from the Our website or from the links provided below. Get the Complete Details about the Bihar 12th Model Paper 2021 here

Bihar 12th Class Question Paper 2021 have Mostly Repeated Important Questions asked in Every year. So, Students have an idea about which Questions will Prepare for the Senior Secondary Standard Examination 2021. Bihar Board 12th Previous Paper Pdf Format links will be given at the end of this page Available.

Bihar Students can Download the BSEB 12th Important Question 2021 by Clicking on Those Links, he Sample Paper for All the Languages Hindi, English Other Subjects are Provided in our site, Students can Download Those BSEB 12th Model Paper 2021 Quickly and know the Complete Question Paper

Name of the organizationBihar School Examination Board
Name of Exam12th Class / Intermediate
Name of the SubjectArts, Science, Commerce
Paper DownloadBihar Board 12th Model Paper 2021 Pdf Format Download
Official languageHindi, English
Official Website
Bihar Board 12th Model Paper 2021

Bihar 12th Annual Examination is Going to be held in few more Months i.e., in the Middle of February 2021. Now, Students have been in Search of the Bihar Intermediate Model Paper 2021 over the internet. As Exams are Approaching Authorities have Released All the Bihar 12th Class Question Paper 2021 in the form of PDF Format for Arts, Science or Commerce.

Bihar 12th Question Paper 2021 Subject wise will be available at Official Website at, Students Those who are Going to Appear 10th Public Exam march 2021 can Download BSEB Question Paper 2021 Subject wise important Question Pdf Format Download.

Bihar Board 12th Class Model Paper 2021 (Latest) Pdf Download

  • Accountancy (OPT.) Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Psychology Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Political Science (OPT.) Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Philosophy Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • History Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Geography Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Physics Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Agriculture (OPT.) Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Business studies Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Chemistry Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Economics (OPT) Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Entrepreneurship Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Sociology Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Urdu (I.A & I.Sc & I.Com) (OPT) Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Multimedia & Web Technology (MWT) Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Music Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Yoga & Physical Education Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Home Science Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Hindi (OPT) Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Hindi Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Computer Science Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • English (OPT) Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Mathematics Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Biology Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Prakrit Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Bangla Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Sanskrit Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Bhojpuri Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Magahi Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Arabic Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Persian Model Set Paper 2021 Download
  • Business Study Model Set Paper 2021 Download

BSEB 12th Class Model Paper 2021 Blueprint for Arts, Science or Commerce Pdf Download

BSEB 12th Class Question Paper 2021 All Subject Pdf Download


  1. Hindi I.A-LL-NRB (COMP) 50 Marks Download
  2. Hindi ISC-ICOM-LL (OPT) 100 Marks Download
  3. Hindi ISC-ICOM-LL- NRB (COMP) 50 Marks Download
  4. Sanskrit I.A 100 Marks Download
  5. Sanskrit I.Sc. and I.Com 100 Marks Download
  6. Urdu Arts 50 Marks Download
  7. Urdu Arts 100 Marks Download
  8. PERSIAN-100 Download
  9. MAITHILI 100 MARKS Download
  10. MAITHILI 50 MARKS Download
  11. BANGLA 100 MARKS Download
  12. PERSIAN SET-2 Download
  13. PERSIAN SET-3 Download
  14. PERSIAN SET-4 Download
  15. ARTS-LL-HIN-OPT Download
  16. Maithili 50 Marks Download
  17. Maithili-100-Marks Download
  18. Sc-Com-LL-HIN-OPT Download
  19. BHOJPURI OPT 100 Download
  20. IA PALI OPT 100 Download
  21. ISC and ICOM PALI OPT 100 Download
  22. PRAKRIT EXAM 100 Download
  23. I.A. ENG-LL (OPT) Download
  24. I.Sc.&I.Com. ENG-LL-(OPT) Download
  25. URDU ARTS Answer 100 Marks (SET-1) Download
  26. URDU ARTS 50 MARKS SET-2 Download
  27. URDU ARTS 50 MARKS (SET-1) Download
  28. URDU I.Sc. & I.Com. 50 MARKS SET-1 Download
  29. URDU I.Sc.& I.Com. 50 MARKS SET-2 Download
  30. L.L.URDU – I.Sc.&I.Com. Answer SET-2 Download
  31. L.L.URDU – I.Sc.&I.Com Answer Set-1 Download
  32. L.L.URDU – I.A.(ARTS) SET-2 Download
  33. SC-LL-BHOJPURI (OPT) SET-I Download
  34. SC-LL-BHOJPURI (OPT) SET-II Download
  36. SC-LL-BHOJPURI (OPT) Set-4 Download
  37. A-LL-MAG (SET-I) Download
  38. A-LL-MAG (SET-II) Download
  39. A-LL-MAG (SET-III) Download
  40. A-LL-MAG (SET-IV) Download
  41. SC-LL-MAG (SET-I) Download
  42. SC-LL-MAG (SET-II) Download
  43. SC-LL-MAG (SET-III) Download
  44. SC-LL-MAG (SET-IV) Download
  45. ARABIC (SET-2) Download
  46. ARABIC (SET-3) Download
  47. I.A ENGLISH-LL (OPT) Download
  48. I.Sc. & I.Com.-ENG-LL-ENGLISH-(OPT)Download
  49. L.L. Urdu Arts Set-3 Download
  50. L.L. Urdu Arts Set-4 Download
  51. L.L. Urdu I.Sc. Set-III Download
  52. L.L. Urdu I.Sc. Set-IV Download
  55. URDU COMPOSITION I.Sc. & I.Com SET-3 Download
  56. URDU COMPOSITION I.Sc. & I.Com SET-4 Download
  57. Prakrit I.A Set-I Download
  58. Prakrit I.A Set-II Download
  59. Prakrit I.A Set-III Download
  60. Prakrit I.Sc. Set-I Download
  61. Prakrit I.Sc. Set-II Download
  62. Prakrit I.Sc. Set-III Download
  63. Prakrit I.Sc. Set-IV Download
  64. English I.A Set-II Download
  65. English I.A Set-III Download
  66. English LL I.A Set-II Download
  67. Hindi Set II Model Paper Download
  68. Persian (OPT) 100 All Set Download
  69. Urdu (MT) Group-A Set II Download
  70. XII Bangla (SL. CODE 743) Set I Download
  71. XII Bangla (SL. CODE 743 Set II Download
  72. XII Bangla (SL. CODE 743 Set III Download
  73. XII Bangla (SL. CODE 743 Set IV Download
  74. English I.A. Set II Download
  75. English I.A. Set III Download
  76. English LL I.A. Set II Download
  77. Prakrit I.A. Set I Download
  78. prakrit I.A. Set II Download
  79. Prakrit I.A. Set III Download
  80. Prakrit I.A. Set IV Download
  81. Prakrit I.Sc. Set I Download
  82. Prakrit I.Sc. Set II Download
  83. Prakrit I.Sc. Set III Download
  84. Prakrit I.Sc. Set IV Download
  85. I.A. Class XII Sanskrit Set 2 Download
  86. I.A. Class XII Sanskrit Set 3 Download
  87. I.Sc. & I.Com. Class XII Sanskrit Set 1 Download
  88. I.Sc. & I.Com. Class XII Sanskrit Set 2 Download
  89. I.Sc. & I.Com. Class XII Sanskrit Set 3 Download
  90. (A-LL-HINDI-OPT) SET I Download
  91. (A-LL-HINDI-OPT) SET II Download
  92. (A-LL-HINDI-OPT) SET III Download
  93. (A-LL-HINDI-OPT) SET IV Download
  94. (Sc. & Com-LL-HINDI-OPT) SET I Download
  95. (Sc. & Com-LL-HINDI-OPT) SET II Download
  96. (Sc. & Com-LL-HINDI-OPT) SET III Download
  97. (Sc. & Com-LL-HINDI-OPT) SET IV Download
  98. A-LL-NRB (HIN) Comp) SET A Download
  99. A-LL-NRB (HIN) Comp) SET B Download
  100. A-LL-NRB (HIN) Comp) SET C Download
  101. A-LL-NRB (HIN) Comp) SET D Download
  102. Sc. & Com.-LL-NRB (HIN) Comp) SET A Download
  103. Sc. & Com.-LL-NRB (HIN) Comp) SET C Download
  104. Sc. & Com.-LL-NRB-(HIN) Comp) SET D Download
  105. I.A (English) Model Question 100 Marks – I Download
  106. I.A (English) Model Question 100 Marks-II Download
  107. I.Sc & I.Com (English) Model Question 100 Marks-I Download
  108. I.Sc & I.Com (English) Model Question 100 Marks-II Download
  109. I.A. Class – XII, Sanskrit, Set – 1 Download


  1. Philosophy Set I PHL(OPT) A Download
  2. Philosophy Set II PHL(OPT) A Download
  3. Sociology 100 Marks Download
  4. Home Science 70 Marks Download
  5. Philosophy 100 marks Download
  6. Political Science-100 Download
  7. Political Science Set-2 Download
  8. Political Science Set-3 Download
  9. Geography-100 Download
  10. History-100 Download
  11. History Download
  12. History 100 Marks Download
  13. History Section-1 Download
  14. ECONOMICS Download
  15. Psychology Download
  16. History Set-II Download
  17. Music Set-1 Download
  18. Music Set-2 Download
  19. Answer Key of Music Set-2 & 3 Download
  20. Music Set-3 Download 
  21. Yoga & Physical Education (Theory) Download
  22. PSYCHOLOGY MODEL- 2 Download
  23. PSYCHOLOGY MODEL- 3 Download
  24. PSYCHOLOGY MODEL- 4 Download
  25. PSYCHOLOGY MODEL- 5 Download
  26. XII Economics Set II Download
  27. XII Political Science Set IV Download
  28. XII Political Science Set V Download
  29. XI Home Science Set I Download
  30. XI Home Science Set II Download
  31. XI Home Science Set III Download
  32. XI Home Science Set IV Download
  33. Geography (A) Set-I Download
  34. Geography Set-I Download
  35. Geography Set-II Download


  1. Biology 100 Marks Download
  2. Biology Set I Download
  3. Biology Set II Download
  4. Chemistry Download
  5. Chemistry Set-2 Download
  6. Chemistry Set II Download
  7. Physics Download
  8. Physics Set-1 Download
  9. Physics Set-2 Download
  10. MATH SET-2 Download
  11. MATH-SET-3 Download
  12. MATH-SET-4 Download
  13. MATH-SET-5 Download
  14. Agriculture Download
  15. MATHEMATICS (XII) Download
  16. XII Agriculture Set II Download
  17. XII Agriculture Set III Download
  18. XII Biology Download
  19. XII Chemistry Model Question III Download
  22. Agriculture Set-IV Download
  23. Agriculture Set-V Download
  24. I.Sc. Biology Set-I Download
  25. I.Sc. Biology Set-II Download
  26. Chemistry Set-IV Download


  1. Entrepreneurship-70 Download
  2. Accountancy-100 Download
  3. Business Study-100 Download
  4. ECONOMICS-100 Download
  5. Accountancy Set-I Download
  6. Accountancy Set-II Download
  7. Accountancy Set-III Download
  8. Accountancy Set-IV Download
  9. Business Studies Set-I Download
  10. Business Studies Model Set-II Download
  11. Business Studies Model Set-III Download
  12. Business Studies Set-IV Download
  13. Economics Set-I Download
  14. Economics Set-II Download
  15. Economics Set-III Download
  16. Economics Set-IV Download
  17. Entrepreneurship Set-I Download
  18. Entrepreneurship Set-II Download
  19. Entrepreneurship Set-III Download
  20. Entrepreneurship Set-IV Download


  1. Mining Geology Download
  2. Mining Geology – 100 Marks Download
  3. Auto Engineering Technology Download
  4. Mechanical Servicing Download
  5. Stenography Download
  6. History Download
  7. Sociology Download
  8. Accountancy Download
  9. Economics Download
  10. Foundation Course – 100 Marks Download
  11. English – 100 Marks Download
  13. Vocational Exam M.H.W Download
  14. Vocational Sociology Download
  15. Vocational Hindi Download
  16. Vocational Library Science Download
  17. Computer Science Download
  18. Voc Entrepreneurship Download
  19. Vocational PPT Download
  20. Vocational Rtv Download
  21. AFA Trade Paper I Agriculture Farm MECH Download
  22. Business Studies BST Download
  23. C.G.M. (TH) Download
  24. Computer Science-CPA (TH) IVC Download
  25. Entrepreneurship (Vocational) Download
  26. MLT-I Download
  27. Office Management Paper-I Download
  28. PPT(TH)-I-IVC Download
  29. RTA (TH) IVC Download
  30. VOC- AUX. NUR & Midwifery Paper-I Download
  31. Food Reservation & Processing Trade Download
  32. I VOC Electronics Technology Download
  33. I VOC Physics Download
  34. EDA-(TH)-(IVC) Download
  35. I Voc Electronics Technology Intermediate Download
  36. Model Question Food Reservation&Processing Trade Download
  37. Model Question IVC Stenography I Download
  38. Model Question OFA Paper I Download
  39. Sericulture Intermediate Download

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